Fr Franklin D’Souza

Fr. Franklin D’Souza

Priest, Preacher, National Youth Director of ICYM
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REV. FR. FRANKLIN PHILIP D’SOUZA is a well-known and well-appreciated Catholic Charismatic Preacher in the Church of Karnataka. He has preached more than 1500 retreats around Karnataka, at Mumbai, Israel, Cyprus, and also in Gulf Countries. One can see a special touch of God in his life. He shares his experience that Lord Jesus has touched his life in the first year of his priesthood. Ever since he started proclaiming the “Word of God”, i.e., the message of Jesus with conviction.

He preaches at “Divine Retreat Centre”, Chalakudy, Kerala, “Renewal Retreat Centre (RRC)”, Bangalore, “Logos Retreat Centre”, Bangalore and Tabore Retreat Centre, Kalyan – Mumbai.

Thousands and thousands of young minds and hearts are touched by his preaching. Through his preaching, many souls have been saved. Many have found comfort and experienced the Love of Risen Lord Jesus. Many say that he is a “Power Filled Evangelist” in the Catholic Church.

He is the Founder and Director of “Jesus Touch” (YESU SPARSHA) Team, where he and Brother T.K. George work together.

He not only ministers through preaching, but also through phone ministry an emails. You can contact or write to him at any time and his services are available to the people who are in need.

Through his Kannada audio cassette “Holy Mass for the Sick”, kannada preaching “Devara Saajeeva Vaakya” and Konkani Preaching “Jivitache Utaar” and “Jivitachi Zhor” also in English “Living Waters” he has touched thousands of Kannada/Konkani/English speaking souls.

He also enacted in 4 Spiritual DVD’s which is directed by Bro.T.K.George. they are: Yesusparsha I, II, Ba Yesuvalli Ba,Mahimeya Raja Yesu and Jezu Mhujo Rokxok.


Name: Rev. Fr. Franklin Philliph D’Souza (Philiph Franky D’Souza)
a) Father: Late Ligoury D’Souza
 b) Mother: Mary Lilly Mascarenhas (Lilly D’Souza)
 c) Brothers (3) & Sisters (3):

  • 1)Mr. John Walter D’Souza married with Mrs. Gracy Cota, Kundapur
  • 2)Mrs. Juliana D’Souza married to Mr. John D’Souza, Mulki
  • 3)Mr. Michael Stany D’souza married with Mrs. Jenifer Fernandes, Mumbai
  • 4) Fr. Franklin Philliph D’Souza, ordained as priest for Diocese of Shimoga
  • 5) Mr. Wilson D’souza married with Mrs. Jacinta Fernandes, Mogrnad
  • 6) Mrs. Violet Cynthia D’Souza married to Mr. Dennis D’Souza, Bolkunje
  • 7) Mrs. Anita D’Souza married to Mr. Walter D’Souza, Mudarangadi

Date of Birth: 22 October 1973
Place of Birth: Beluvai Village, Paladka Parish,Moodbidri, Karnataka, India
Mother Parish: St. Ignatius Loyola Church, Paladka
Present Parish: St. Francis Xavier’s Church, Murkothpalke Saverapura


  • Primary School: Higher Primary School, Guddeyangady (1978 – 1985)
  • High School: Jain Junior High School, Moodbidri (1985 – 1988)
  • P. U. C: Milagres Pre- University College, Mangalore(1988 – 1990)

Diocese: From the Diocese of Mangalore/Paladka
Incardinated to: Name of the Diocese- SHIMOGA
Date of joining: 1st June 1990

Sacraments received:

  • Date of Baptism: 1st December 1973 (Paladka)
  • Eucharist: by Fr. Oswald Lasrado in 1983 (Paladka)
  • Confirmation: 2nd July 1989 by Bishop Basil D’Souza (at Belloor)
  • Priestly ordination: 10th May 1999 (Paladka)
  • Vocation Promoter: Fr. Mathias Pereira (1988)

Seminary Formation:

  • Gladsome Home for students, Mangalore, 1988 – 1990,
  • St. Mary’s Minor Seminary, Mysore, 1990 – 1991
  • St. Peter’s Pontifical seminary, Bangalore, 1991 – 1998

Seminary Studies:

  • Philoshopy : Bachaelor of Philoshophy  at St. Peter’s Pontifical Institute, Bangalore,  1991 -1994
  • Secular Studies: Bachelor of Arts, Bangalore University, 1991-1994                   {Philosophy, History, Sociology}
  • Regency: Our Lady of Health Shrine, Harihar, 1994-1995
  • Theology: Bachelor of Theology  at St. Peter’s Pontifical Institute, Bangalore, 1995-1998

Holy Orders and Sacred Ministries:

  • The Celebration of Admission rite: on Thursday, 7th march 1996 by Most Rev. Joseph Roy Bishop of Mysore at St. Peter’s Pontifical  Seminary Chapel, Bangalore
  • The Institution of Readers: on Saturday, 12th October 1996 by Most Rev. Joseph Roy Bishop of Mysore at St. Peter’s Pontifical Seminary Chapel, Bangalore
  • The Institution of Acolytes: Saturday, 11th October 1997, by Most Rev. Dr. Alphonsus Mathias, Arch Bishop of Bangalore at  St. Peter’s Pontifical Seminary Chapel, Bangalore
  • Ordained as Deacon: October 18th 1998, by Most Rev Dr. Ignatius pinto, Arch bishop of Bangalore and Administrator of Shimoga diocese
  • Date of Ordination: 10th May 1999
  • Place of Ordination: St. Ignatius Loyola Church, Paladka/Mangalore Diocese
  • Minister of Ordination: Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, then Bishop of Belgaum, Archbishop of Bangalore

Higher Studies:

  • Masters of Arts from Mysore University; 2000-2002
  • Masters in Theology(Biblical theology); 2003-2005 St. Peter’s Pontifical institute, Bangalore

Ministries exercised:

  • June 1999 – May 2001: Assistant Parish priest of Holy family Church, Chitradurga    (Resided at Infant Jesus Church, Challakere. Took Care of substations; Timmappayyanahalli, Molakalmur, Jagalur)
  • June 2001- May 2003: Parish Priest: Our Lady of Victories Church, Nagar, Hosanagar  Taluk  (Assistants with me; Fr. Richard Pais (2001 -2002), Fr. David Dellario(2002-2003)
  • June 2001- May 2003: As Diocesan Youth Director
  • June 2003 – May 2005: As Seminary Staff: St. Peter’s pontifical Seminary, Bangalore
  • June 2005-August 2008: As Youth Director of Shimoga Diocese (ICYM, YCS) Yuva Mitra
  • June 2005-August 2008: As Director of Diocesan Catholic Charismatic Services (DCCS): Jeevodaya, Residence Sacred Heart Cathedral, Shimoga
  • June 2006 – August 2008: As Karnataka Regional Youth Commission Joint Secretary
  • August 2008 – August 2011: As Secretary to KRYC and Regional Youth Director, Office: KROSS, Bangalore
  • August 15th 2011: As Executive Secretary for CBCI Youth Office, National Youth Director of Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM) & Secretary Youth Activ8 Foundation®; took charge on October 10th 2011.
  • August 15th 2015; completed full term as CBCI Secretary for Youth Council.
  • August 15th to April 30th, 2015; Sabbatical Leave

Courses Attended:                          

  • Basics, Skills, Counseling in Youth Ministry, Don Bosco Yuva Prachodini, Bangalore October 2000
  • Chaplains & Animators’ Trainning ,by national Youth Office at NBCLC , Bangalore, June 1-15th 2001
  • Training of Trainers in evangelization at Agra by National Youth Office, November 2001
  • Nov, 23 -30, 2015; Christo Centric Retreat at USM, Indore

Events participated:

  • July 23 – 28, 2002: 17th World Youth Day, Toronto, Canada
  • July 30 – Aug. 5, 2006: 4th Asian Youth Day, Hong Kong
  • July 15 -20, 2008: 23rd World Youth Day, Sydney, Australia
  • Nov. 20-27, 2009: 5th Asian Youth Day, IMUS, Philiphines
  • Aug. 16 – 21, 2011: 26th World Youth Day, Madrid, Spain
  • June 16-29, 2011: 14th IYCS World Council at New Delhi
  • March 29- April 1, 2012: WYD Meeting Vatican – Rome
  • September 20-25, 2012:  AYD -2014 II Preparatory Meeting at Daejeon, South Korea
  • November 25-29, 2012: WYD – 2013 II Preparatory Meeting at Rio de Janeiro- Brazil
  • March 11-15, 2013:  AYD – 2014 III preparatory Meeting at Manila – Philippines
  • July 16-29, 2013: 28th World Youth Day, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • March 27 -30, 2014: AYD -2014 IV Preparatory meeting, Daejeon, South Korea
  • April 9-13, 2014: WYD Meeting Vatican – Sassone, Rome
  • August 10 – 21, 2014: AYD – Daejeon, South Korea

Major Events Participated at National/Regional Level:

  • Oct. 25 -31, 2001: National Youth Convention at Kolkota
  • May 2007: Karnataka Regional Youth Convention, Belgaum
  •  Nov. 8-10, 2007: “KRISTOTSAVA” Karnataka regional Mission Congress, Bangalore
  • Dec. 27-30, 2007: South Asian Jesus youth Meet at Cochin, Kerala
  • Oct. 21 -24, 2007: National youth Convention at Cuttack-Orissa
  • Nov 27-29, 2008 : AICUF National Seminar, Mangalore
  • Aug 28-30, 2008: “COMMUNION 2008”, a Jesus Youth Program at Cochin
  • June 3, 2010: AICUF National convention at Chennai
  • May 14-21, 2010: 15th YCS National Council, Mangalore
  • Oct. 10-17, 2010: 9th National Youth Convention, at Shillong
  • Feb. 1-8, 2012: 30th CBCI Plenary Assembly at St. John’s College Hospital, Bangalore
  • Feb 5-12, 2014: 31st CBCI Plenary Assembly at Palai, Kerala

Major Youth Events Organized at Diocesan, Regional as well as National Level:

  • Dec. 27-29, 2006: Diocesan Youth Convention of Shimoga at Hosadurga.
  • Aug. 6-9, 2010: 7th Karnataka Regional Youth Convention at Bellary.
  • Jan. 27-30, 2012: 32nd ICYM National Council & VII ICYM National Election at Kolkota.
  • June 1-10, 2012: XX Chaplains’ Animators’ Training (C.A.T) at Bangalore.
  • June 10, 2012: 16th National Youth Award Ceremony at St. John Evangelist Church, Bangalore
  • June 11- 12, 2012: 33rd ICYM National Council Meeting at Bangalore.
  • Spt. 7, 2012: ICYM National Level Bible Quiz.
  • Oct. 21 -24, 2012: National Youth Retreat ‘Move The Mountain’ (MTM).
  • Jan. 31 – Feb 2, 2013: 34th ICYM National Council Meeting at Jalandhar, Punjab.
  • June 1-10, 2013: XXI Chaplains’ Animators’ Training (C.A.T) at Bangalore.
  • June 11-14, 2013: Life Skill Orientation for ICYM Youth leaders of India, Bangalore
  • August 22. 2013: ICYM Governing Body Meeting, CBCI – New Delhi
  • Aug. 23-25, 2013: 35th ICYM National Council Meeting at Jalandhar, Punjab.
  • Oct. 7, 2013: 36th ICYM National Council Meeting at Jalandhar, Punjab
  • Oct. 11, 2013: 17th ICYM National Youth Award ceremony, Jalandhar, Punjab
  • Oct. 5-12, 2013: IX National Youth Convention, Trinity College, Jalandhar, Punjab
  • March  21-24, 2014: 37th ICYM National Council & VIII ICYM National Election at Nagpur
  • September 15 -18, 2014: 38th ICYM National Council & 18th ICYM National Awards at Nava sadhana, Varanasi
  • May 29 to June 8th, 2015; XXII Chaplains’ Animators’ Training (C.A.T) at Bangalore
  • June 9th & 10th, 2015; 7th National Consultation for DYDs of India at Bangalore
  • June 11th, 2015; ICYM/YAF Governing body at Bangalore
  • August 8th and 9th 2015; Ever first ICYM Alumni gathering at Nagpur

As Charismatic Director/Preacher:

  • Preached more than thousand five hundred retreats visit:
  • January 1, 2010: New year SAMBRAMOTSAVA-2010 at KARWAR sea shore 7000 people
  • December 19, 2010: “Christmas Utsava-2010” at Alangar church compound, 5000 people
  • December 18th, 2011: “Christmas Sambram-2011” for YCS/YSM Mangalore 2000 people

Retreats/Recollections to Major Seminarians/Sisters/Priests:

  • April 30 – May 8, 2007; Sisters of Mercy, Mysore
  • June 17 – 22, 2012; St. Charles Major Seminary, Nagpur for 140 brothers
  • July 18, 2012; Clergy Recollection for Delhi Archdiocese and Faridabad Diocese, Navinta, Delhi
  • March 26, 2013; Clergy Recollection for Madras – Mylapore Diocese (Chrism Mass), Chennai
  • July 6 -11, 2014; St. Joseph’s Regional Seminary, Allahabad, 89 theologians
  • July 14 – 21, 2014; Missionaries of Charity Sisters MP, Odissa & CG Region at Bhopal (24)
  • September 7 – 12, 2014 Priests Retreat Bareilly Diocese (35)
  • November 3 -10, 2014; Retreat for Sisters of Charity, Dharwar Province (40)
  • February 2 – 6, 2015; Priests Retreat for Marthandam Syro Malankara Catholic Diocese (45)
  • July 24th to 30th 2015; Retreat for Theologians at ORIENS MAJOR SEMINARY – SHILLONG (40)
  • August 24th to Sept 1st 2015; Missionaries of Charity Sisters MP, Odissa & CG Region at Bhopal (25)

Countries visited for Preaching the Word of God as well as for Youth events:

Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Newzeland, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Cyprus, Jordan, Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Bahrain, UAE {Seven Emirates: Dubai, Abhudabi, Fujairah, Sharja, Ajman, Omalquoin, Ras Al Kema}, Brazil, South Korea.

Within India States visited for preaching the Word of God as well as for Youth Motivation:

Jammu-Srinagar, Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pardesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Odissa, Westbengal, Sikkim, Maharashtra, Bihar, Jharkand, Uttarkhand, Tamilnadu, Andra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Mehghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Assam, Gujarath, Goa, Karnataka and Andaman island

Acting in Biblical DVD’S:

  • 2009: Yesu Sparsha Part I & II (Kannada)
  • 2010: Ba Yesuvalli Ba (Kannada)
  • 2011: Mahimeya Raja Yesu (Kannada)
  • 2012: Nanna Usirada Yesu (Kannada)
  • 2015: Tirugi Nodidaaga (Kannada)
  • 2011: Jezu Mhojo Rokxox (Konkani)
  • 2012: Jezu Mhozo Swas (Konkani)
  • 2012: Ore Meetpar Yesu (Tamil)
  • 2013: ‘Hariharada Arogya Maathe’ Kannada Movie
  • 2014: ‘Belakinedege Payana’ Kannada Movie

Preaching Albums MP3:

  • Jivitache Utaar(konkani)
  • Jivitachi Zor(Konkani)
  • Living Waters(English)
  • Devara Sajeeva Vakya
  • Roga soukya Baliyarpane – Healing Mass DVD (2013)

Books written: 2009

  • Be Healed (English)
  • Shuddhanagu (Kannada)
  • Nitol Za (Konkani)

Mission through T.V
Preaches in Konkani, Kannada & English in Divine Word T.V, Mangalore

Website:, E Mail: [email protected], Mobile: + 91 9013905978

Permanent Address: Bishop’s House, Sagar Road, Shimoga 577204

Present contact:

Rev. Fr. Philiph Franky D’Souza
‘Joshua Villa’, Vidya Nagar, Pranthya Village,
Kodangallu Post, Moodbidre,
Mangalore Taluk, Karnataka 574197
Email: [email protected]
Web site:,
Mobile: +91 9013905078


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